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Commonly asked, frequently answered.

  • A fiduciary is an expert who holds a unique position of trust, confidence, and/or legal obligation with a client. At WPW, we operate as a Registered Investment Advisor, mandated by law to prioritize our clients' best interests. We approach this obligation with utmost seriousness and commitment.

  • Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the assets under management. For more detailed information, your financial advisor can consult on specifics.

  • In contrast to a brokerage house, we do not earn commissions from the buying and selling of securities. Operating as fiduciaries, we are committed to prioritizing the best interests of our clients over our own. Unlike brokers, who adhere to a lower suitability standard, we aim to provide recommendations that go beyond mere suitability, ensuring that our clients have access to the best available alternatives.

  • WPW operates as a genuine fiduciary. The term "fee-only" signifies that our sole source of compensation comes directly from our clients. We abstain from receiving commissions or any form of payment from the providers of financial products we suggest to our clients. Our costs are readily identifiable and presented transparently.

  • To begin a relationship with us, you typically need to have an investment portfolio of at least $500,000.

  • When seeking a financial advisor, it is advisable to invest time in getting to know each professional and asking pertinent questions. This decision is among the most crucial financial choices you'll encounter, and while the research may demand effort, aligning with the right advisor can alleviate stress and instill greater confidence and security.

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