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Who is Watershed?

Guiding wealth with a personal touch

The Watershed Private Wealth Team
The Watershed Private Wealth Team

Forget Wall Street jargon and endless charts. Let's talk about your why. 

Why dream of that beachside property? Why long for leisurely mornings and laughter with grandkids? 

At Watershed Private Wealth, we believe that your financial journey deserves more than just numbers and algorithms. It deserves a partner that understands your “why.” 

A fresh approach to wealth management

No, we're not your typical wealth management company. We specialize in high-touch services combined with premium fintech solutions. In simpler terms, we guide our clients through growing and managing their wealth with clear communication, industry-leading technology, and a steady, experienced touch. 

No more deciphering cryptic charts or feeling left in the dark—our clients are always in the loop and confidently involved in every step. We're all about human connection and tech smarts, working side-by-side with you to build a financial plan that makes you and your family’s life better.

Plus, we’re client-centric, not number-centric. Our top priority is your peace of mind, knowing that every decision we make, every piece of advice we offer, is always in your best interest.

We make wealth simple (and trustworthy)

We believe that the cornerstone of any successful relationship, especially when it comes to your finances, is trust. That’s why we’re here—to help you uncomplicate retirement and wealth, not with the inaccessible approach of larger firms, but with a trusted friend's guiding hand.

We translate "financialese" into everyday language

No need for a Wall Street dictionary – we'll explain everything in plain English, so you always feel in control and informed.

We put you in the driver's seat

Your goals and values shape every decision we make. We're not here to push products or chase commissions. We want to empower you to make choices that align with your dreams and priorities, ultimately leading you to a more fulfilling life. 

We prioritize transparency, always

You'll always know where your money is, how it's invested, and why we recommend certain strategies. No hidden agendas, no surprises. Just honest advice and clear explanations.

We're your partners, not just advisors

We'll celebrate your wins, overcome challenges together, and be a constant source of support. Think of us as your financial confidantes, ready to listen, guide, and set you up for success every step of the way.

Wealth, designed for your unique journey

A person showing something to another person on a computer screen

Our four-pillar approach to wealth and retirement offers our clients a holistic, end-to-end strategy for managing all aspects of their finances: 

Comprehensive wealth management

Life's busy enough. Watershed handles all the complexities of your wealth management. We coordinate with a trusted network of professionals, ranging from CPAs to attorneys, ensuring your financial plans are integrated, actionable, and growth-oriented. Peace of mind for you, action from us.

Investment management

Your financial goals are unique, and our approach to managing your investments reflects that. We don't do one-size-fits-all. Instead, we create personalized investment strategies ultra-tailored to your individual goals.

Strategic tax planning

Tax planning at Watershed is strategic in every sense of the word. We focus on forward-looking tax planning with the sole aim of making sure you're not just compliant, but also maximizing your financial potential to the fullest.

Financial & retirement planning

Understanding where you stand financially today helps us secure where you want to be tomorrow. Every plan we craft is grounded in the reality of your life and the vision of your future.

We're independent, and fiercely so. But that doesn't mean we go it alone. We partner with specialized providers like eMoney, Fidelity, GeoWealth, and Charles Schwab. Each is hand-picked for their expertise and shared commitment to putting your needs first.

More than planners—we’re partners

Financial planning is the cornerstone of a family's well-being, a foundation of trust built brick by brick. This trust isn't just given, though. It's earned through a commitment to our clients—keeping them informed, aligning their best interests, and delivering results with crystal-clear transparency. Our approach goes beyond planning, we're here to roll up our sleeves and partner with you on your journey to financial success.

In an industry obsessed with scale, we swim against the current. We're not aiming for the biggest portfolios, but the most meaningful ones. That's why Watershed was created as a haven for a discerning clientele who demand more than cookie-cutter advice. We offer a bespoke experience, tailored to your unique aspirations, anxieties, and dreams. 

Our belief? Clients deserve better than they get with traditional financial managers, and so we are intentional about offering deeper understanding, stronger relationships, better execution, and greater trust. As the saying goes: "You are what you do, not what you say you'll do."

Trust and understanding, every step of the way

Ultimately, our success isn't measured in quarterly reports or shareholder smiles. It's measured in the quiet sigh of relief on your face, in the twinkle of excitement in your eyes as you envision a future brimming with possibility. This is why we prioritize a collaborative approach, building personal connections with every one of our clients. 

Two hands engaging in a handshake

Our relationship with our clients is not merely formalized by the signing of papers. It is defined by so much more, including deep-seated conversations that ask all the whys possible. 

At Watershed, we believe wealth management thrives on something far more precious than numbers, investment accounts, and annual returns: shared stories. Our bond with clients goes far beyond the formalities of paperwork. It's rooted in genuine, heartfelt conversations where we dive into the "whys” of your life. 

Why dream of retiring early? Why that vacation property? Why choose that specific car, or make that particular investment? We're here to listen to your concerns, yes, but we’re also here to understand your goals and embrace your dreams.

To us, “wealth” doesn’t just mean numbers in an account. It means security—for yourself, your loved ones, and your legacy. We believe that in the answers to understanding your “why,” we will find the motivation to guide you to that secure future.

Watershed is all about you—we're here to listen, understand, and assist. Let's start your journey with a conversation.


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